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Recently, reviewing a colleague's design diagrams, I noticed that in order to keep the history of changes of a particular field, he had created a small table in SQL Server! For example, in a contract management program, we are asked to keep track of changes in Due Date and Contract Payments. A primitive way for doing this, as my friend had done, is to save changes in a table that has a SmallDateTime field name DueDate. A better way that I propos … Read More

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Events can be namespaced in jquery so that triggering and unbinding them can done in an easier manner.  Generally , if we bind an event handler to a specific event  , we would do it as under:- $(selector).bind("click", eventHandler); In this case , if we unbind the click event using $(selector).unbind("click"), the particular event would be unbound from all controls having the particular selector. However, if we use namespace while binding events … Read More

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How Opera started the Browser Wars War related words seem to be pretty scary guys! But these very words actually increase the excited questions like – what was the cause? Who started it? What happens there after? Or what was the result? So here are my observations about the “Cross Browser War”. I was searching the answers to my questions on the cross browser war and from where it originated when to my surprise it was OPERA, a big challenging browser today who actually started the … Read More

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Event Receivers in SharePoint One of the extremely powerful & exciting feature of SharePoint is the ability to create event receivers for any list type. An event receiver is a piece of managed code that is executed in response to an event takes place within SharePoint. These events can be triggered in response to changes to list items, creation of new lists items, list items being deleted and much more. List event handlers are made possible t … Read More

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PIVOTING in Oracle TOC Pivoting in Oracle 10g / earlier versions Pivoting in Oracle 11g Pivoting in Oracle 10g / earlier versions Pivoting is used for changing rows into columns in a SQL Query (Crosstab). Suppose we have a table TEST_PIVOT with some data as below:               And suppose we want to know number of SE, SSE, TL, PM in each team then we can get this by specifying the query: select  DESIGNATION, max(decode(TEAM, 'A', … Read More

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Mark the method obsolete in c# We usually create libraries and define some reusable methods that are used across applications. The new enhancements can be due to change in name or method with different signature. But it becomes a cumbersome task to replace the older method with new enhanced one. So here is the simpler way to introduce new method and simultaneously maintains backward compatibility for applications that are using the older method. Here is the solution, create ne … Read More

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Creating and Using C# Web Application over HTTPS – SSL Creating and Using C# Web Application over HTTPS – SSL TOC Introduction Description View Result Introduction Whenever we use Web Application, a common concern is security. As Messages are transferred in plain text over the network, anyone could intercept the message and read it. So a solution is to use HTTPS (SSL) instead of HTTP, so that the communication gets encrypted. Description You simply need to follow below mentioned steps: a. Install Cer … Read More

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